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Hey all! I hope your August is going well and that preparations for the new school year are well underway. I'm popping in today with an exciting update about what's new over at our Start Communications Writing (SCW) store!

August is BIG for teachers so you can trust we're busy bees at work, perfecting more new products than ever before with the kind of systems, simplicity and style you've come to expect from us. We have sooo many ideas, so more teacher-time-saving products are always around the corner. Yay! It's just finding enough hours in each day to create them that's our challenge ;) A good challenge to have, if you ask us! 


This Home Schooling beginning-of-the-year vision planner is a fantastic resource and the first of many home schooling products to come. Map out your family's learning priorities, education vision, curriculum preferences, support structure and more with this interactive booklet, written from Avaline's extensive home school consulting experience.

In case you're new to our story, Avaline is a home schooling teacher and consultant of 21 years and I was fortunate enough to be home schooled by her for several elementary years. Needless to say, in addition to education in general, we are passionate about home schooling done well. We look forward to sharing our tips, tools and resources specifically geared towards home schooling in greater volume in the near future!

This resource is a particular favourite of ours because it facilitates daily practice of an essential essay writing skill, the outline. Included in this pack is a note to teachers, a blank weekly topic sentence template (Monday - Friday) and 5 blank outline templates (Monday - Friday). The purpose of this resource is to encourage students towards strong outline writing by practicing it 5 minutes a day. This resource makes it simple and efficient for teachers to engage student's in this important activity. Photocopy these templates as many times as you'd like for use in your classroom! 
Start the year off right with these graphic dividers for your students' writing portfolios. Many of our resources already file beautifully into this portfolio system and we are in the process of creating the remaining resources which will complete the system. Of course, these dividers are meant to work for your collecting writing resources as well, so be sure to customize the system in whatever way works best for you and for your classroom!

There's a lot more coming soon, so stay tuned! Happy Thursday everyone :)

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